About Amazing Bean


My Intro…


Time to shatter the ice. Amazing Bean is my own creation that evolved over time from various ideas. Amazing Snail and Bean are two different personality types. Snail is the methodical, tried and true traditionalist while Bean is a cutting edge, highly excited and highly caffeinated personality type. The comic it’s self is available on Amazon.com for digital download.

The website, however, has a different purpose. My main goal is provide some useful information about Learning Through Play. Using examples from the e-comic Bean and Snail will illustrate some of the theories and issues discussed.

My interest in Learning Through Play really comes from my own experiences growing up and the issues I faced in school. My background is a technical one and all the information I’ve gathered here is motivated by my own interest in the subject. I hope you find it meaningful as well as valuable. And if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@amazingbean.com